UNN Safety Day 2022 - Raising Awareness on Work Safety

UNN Safety Day 2022 - Raising Awareness on Work Safety

28 July 2022, Bandar Seri Begawan – Unified National Networks (UNN) held its second Safety Day event for its employees at Dewan Sejahtera 2, Sumbangsih Bahagia this morning.


Participating agencies from Safety, Health, and Environment National Authority (SHENA), Department of Electrical Services (DES), Brunei Fire and Rescue Department (BFRD), Majlis Kebangsaan Keselamatan Jalan Raya (MKKJR), SRS Emergency & Rescue Solutions, KMST, Aewon and Megamas were invited to participate in the exhibition and impart relevant information about health, safety, and environment (HSE) at workplaces throughout the event day.


UNN Chief Executive Officer Dr Steffen Oehler officially launched the second UNN Safety Day, where he welcomed the participating agencies and UNN employees visiting the event that morning.


20220728_UNN CEO officiates UNN Safety Day 2022


“UNN is the infrastructure company of the telecommunications industry in Brunei. Our colleagues are working in Data rooms, installing power and telco equipment, rolling out infrastructure in the field, climbing towers and working in offices. We want to keep our colleagues and people and neighbourhoods around safe and healthy. That means that knowledge and adherence of HSE guidelines and related measures is an important part of our business culture.” said Dr Steffen.


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Visitors to the event got to learn from SHENA about the Workplace Safety and Health Order (WSHO) which outlines the duties of persons at workplaces, powers of the commissioner, guidelines for investigations, inquiries and reporting of accidents, dangerous occurrences and occupational diseases, and arrangements of safety and health management at workplaces.


DES provided insights on safe work practices when handling electricity – this is especially useful as all our technicians and engineers handle telecommunication cables and equipment that run on electricity when building and maintaining the national network infrastructure. DES also outlined the types of trainings and competencies that employees should obtain to further their knowledge on handling electricity at workplaces.


Also useful for UNN field technicians were information provided by BFRD about the Fire Safety Order and evacuation procedure and safety practices during an emergency, MKKJR about road safety and the emergency services that UNN employees should know to contact for different types of road incidences, and SRS Emergency & Rescue Solutions about the safe practices whilst working at height as their daily work tasks involves traveling across all districtsand climbing the telecommunication towers to carry out network maintenances.


Other exhibitors from KMST, Aewon and Megamas were also present to provide information about PPE standards and HSE-related trainings to UNN employees as part of their refresher and continue learning.




The 1-day knowledge-sharing and exhibition event was organized by UNN Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) team to raise awareness on the importance of HSE in day-to-day operations at the workplace and to cultivate a health and safety culture across the company.


“UNN Safety Day is an opportunity for our HSE team and colleagues from different departments and teams to learn more about the importance of HSE in the workplace, the best practices, requirements and standards as part of our company’s continuous improvement initiative,” added UNN Head of HSE Mohamad Khairil Fadlillah Said.


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Adds Mohammad Khairil, “Compared to last year, we have identified more exhibitors that we believe are relevant to UNN and hope that this second instalment of UNN Safety Day will not only help improve our outlook on HSE but build a positive health and safety culture as an individual and as a company.”


20220728_UNN with participating agencies and exhibitors