Everybody should have the possibility to be connected and reachable.

Through convergence and subsequent investments, UNN will build a modern and ultra-reliable digital platform for communications using Cloud Technology.

UNN also provides the largest fiber and mobile coverage footprint in the nation. Aimed at the wholesale marketplace and already serving such service partners as DSTCom, Progresif Cellular and Imagine Sdn Bhd; UNN can host a portfolio of mobile and fixed services for voice, messaging, data and connectivity.

Wholesale Services

Fixed, Mobile, Voice and Data Services Infrastructure

Local and International connectivity

Data center/ Cloud hosting

Innovation partner (e.g. e-Commerce, IoT)


Network in Numbers


Over 3,000km of fiber


18 fixed exchanges and 61 serving points connecting over 93,000 homes


Connectivity services serving over 300 local entities


Over 500 mobile base-stations carrying 4G/ 3G and 2G service to 90% of populated areas and connecting roads


Over 150 AP locations providing nationwide WIFI


Over 250 roaming destinations worldwide