Cloud Hosting Service (IaaS)


Why go through the hassle of investing your capital and resources in owning and managing your own data centre infrastructure when you can host your business application with us efficiently and securely on our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. Our Managed Cloud Hosting Service (IaaS) is built on highly redundant architecture, giving you a reliable service with 99.5% availability in a month.

Pre-defined Virtual Machine Packages


Get started quickly with our pre-defined virtual machine packages for as low as B$26 per month.


vCPU : 1

Memory : 2GB

SSD Disk Space : 40GB

The development package is perfectly suitable for an application development environment.


vCPU : 2

Memory : 4GB

SSD Disk Space : 60GB

The standard package is recommended for hosting applications that require low demand of workloads.


vCPU : 8

Memory : 16GB

SSD Disk Space : 120GB

The premium package supports the hosting of applications that require high demand of workloads.


Our Virtual Machine packages are available with the following Operating Systems: CentOS, Ubuntu Linux, Debian and Microsoft Windows Server


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Value-Added Services


We offer various fully managed value-added services for you to pick and choose to support your business operations.

VM Image Backup & Recovery

Network Firewall

Virtual Local Area Network

Operating system

Data Service

Public Static IP (IPv4)

Remote Support Service

Professional Services

Why choose our service


Here are some key highlights of the benefits when you host with us.

Secured Hosting

Our Cloud Hosting Service infrastructure resides at data centers that are managed and secured with multiple layers of security facilities.

Managed Service

We fully manage the cloud hosting service on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Hosted in Brunei

Our cloud infrastructure is located in Brunei, which makes our service compliant with local data residency requirements.

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