UNN has laid over 5,000km of fiber in the country. We have connected over 159,000 homes and over 300 local entities via our connectivity services.

Connectivity Service

Specialised connectivity services connecting 2 or more geographically separated points delivering secure, reliable, and low latency connectivity. The service may handle layer 1, layer 2 or layer 3 traffic.

Fixed Broadband

A high Speed data service delivered via ADSL over copper lines and Ethernet via a Fibre optic that allows end users to wirelessly connect their devices to the internet.

Fixed Voice

A service that allows end users to make and receive voice-based telephony calls over wired access - from and to: -

  • National Numbers
  • International Numbers (IDD)
  • Local and international Mobile numbers
  • 1-800, 3 and 5 digit short codes


A telecommunication standard that enables traditional phone lines to carry voice, data and video traffic, among others.