UNN recognized for its innovation at 2023 Elevate Awards.

UNN recognized for its innovation at 2023 Elevate Awards.

20 December 2023 - At the 2023 Elevate Awards held in Sunnyvale California last month (30 November 2023), Unified National Networks Sdn Bhd (UNN) was recognised as one of the three global finalists who have architected impactful and secure networks to deliver exceptional services and user experiences in the 5G Leadership category. The winner of the 5G Leadership category was BT Group, a UK-based company that built one of the largest virtualised 4G/5G telco clouds expected to carry 100% of its mobile traffic by end of this year.



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The Elevate Awards is Juniper Network’s program to celebrate winners, finalists, and honourees from the most innovative companies that are using Juniper’s solutions to deliver exceptional experiences for their businesses, customers, and communities. Recognising its customers in seven key categories – AI Innovation, Business Transformation, Data Center of the Future, Empowering Change, Experience First, Security Excellence and 5G Leadership, the selection process involved a combination of Juniper executive and external judges selecting the finalists and winners.


Juniper Networks Inc. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in California USA and is a known leader in providing secure, AI-driven networks and for developing cutting-edge software-defined networking products. Offering fixed and mobile connectivity, local and international connectivity, and cloud and data centre services, UNN has partnered with Juniper since 2020 not only for resiliency, scalability, and advanced capabilities, but also for its efficiency to meet UNN network infrastructure modernisation timeline and Brunei’s growing digital needs without disruption.


UNN together with Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) and telco partners Datastream Digital (DST), Imagine, and Progresif, thrusted Brunei into a new digital era when the 5th Generation (5G) mobile services were made available nationwide on 22 June 2023. To-date, 92% of the country is equipped to receive mobile services from base stations that provide 5G services with average mobile internet speed increment of 300% from 20Mbps (in 2019) to 80Mbps (in 2023) while 93.1% of Brunei’s populated areas are fiberized with home broadband speed increment of 400% from average 20Mbps (in 2019) to minimum 100Mbps (in 2023).


The recognition as a finalist in the 5G Leadership category of 2023 Elevate Awards signified just how much of a network innovator UNN is amongst its global peers to have elevated its country’s ICT ecosystem to best practice global standards and to deliver the above network experiences that transform how people connect, work and live. UNN shall continue to invest in key initiatives and programs to build and enhance the ICT infrastructure and support members of the industries in innovating and adopting new technologies to ensure consumers and country achieve the Wawasan Brunei 2035 goals of advancing into a smart nation.