UNN Contractors’ Development Program Kicks Off

UNN Contractors’ Development Program Kicks Off

The FTTx Contractors’ Development Programme by Unified National Networks (UNN) kicked off on 16th June 2021, Wednesday morning at UNN Berakas Exchange building. 28 contractor companies (UNN partners) with more than 400 personnel overall will take part in various courses outlined within this programme.  


The programme, which will run until end of March next year was designed to ensure that common standards, fit for purpose, standardized tools, and good quality developed by UNN for its employees are also being shared and practised by its partners.


Participants of the programme, who are personnel from contractor companies with different job scopes such as labourers, technicians, team leaders and managers, will be facilitated by UNN Academy, a training and development centre formed by UNN to provide in-house trainings to upskill staff and expand their capabilities. The Contractors’ Development Programme is the first in-house programme run for external stakeholders.


The training courses for the FTTx Contractors’ Development Programme have been designed by UNN Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) together with the UNN Academy facilitators and will be delivered to the participants by UNN SMEs before participants are awarded with certifications by UNN Academy.


“We have a common interest to build infrastructure, to roll out fibre, and to connect people. We believe in standards, in quality, in proper training and education, and in HSE. And we believe that if we have common standards between us, we can be on the same level and become successful with what we want to deliver to the country,” said Dr Steffen Oehler, Chief Executive Officer of UNN in his welcoming remarks to the partners present that day.


Personnel from the contractor companies that have onboarded with UNN will be taking part in courses for HSE (basic), HSE (advanced), Fibre Handling & Management, Standard Operating Procedures, Customer Service (basic), Customer Service (intermediate), Leadership, Financial Knowledge, and Advance Technology – all areas that are identified as relevant to their roles and responsibilities as a UNN partner.


Participants must attend and participate in all the classes, complete all the training module, and pass all the given assessment before they are awarded the certifications from UNN Academy.


“Hopefully the participants are able to enjoy because they are doing group activities together,” said Ms. Regina Goh, UNN Academy Manager while Mr. Buharie Amath, Senior Manager of Network Service Delivery & Rollout Management at UNN added, “We want to ensure that our partners are fully capable and fully trusted to conduct the work according to the way UNN has prescribed it at the end of the programme.”