Unified National Networks (UNN) Introduces Vulnerability Assessment Service

Unified National Networks (UNN) Introduces Vulnerability Assessment Service

24 April 2024 - In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence and transformative efforts to digitalize operations is critical for ease of doing business. Digital platforms can help local Bruneian entrepreneurs reduce cost and remove constraints associated with having physical stores and traditional business hours.


Digitalization also helps small and medium-sized Bruneian enterprises to introduce efficiency and optimize their operations, expand their markets beyond local boundaries to target global clientele and create new opportunities and revenue generation.


To cater for a growing need to protect local entrepreneurs and enterprises from cyber security threats, Unified National Networks (UNN) has recently launched a new Vulnerability Assessment service to complement its existing suite of Cyber Security products.


The Vulnerability Assessment service by UNN addresses the entrepreneurs and enterprises need to identify, quantify and prioritize security vulnerabilities in their computer systems, networks and applications and the recommended remedial action to mitigate these vulnerabilities. In addition, the service also addresses the entrepreneurs and enterprises need for CIS Audit Compliance and Cyber Security Posturing.


Together with UNN’s other portfolio of Cyber Security products which includes DDoS Defence and Pentest, local entrepreneurs and enterprises can now utilize the Vulnerability Assessment service to safeguard their digital assets, business operations and customer’s interest.


Interested businesses or organizations can get onboard to UNN's Vulnerability Assessment Service by reaching UNN Sales Team at digital.solutions@unn.com.bn or visit www.unn.com.bn/vulnerability-assessment for more information.