DDoS Attacks

Cyber attacks are the most significant cyber security threats to businesses that offer services accessible over internet. Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack is one of the common threats faced by businesses today. During DDoS attacks, hackers remotely control multiple devices to send request traffic, with intention to overwhelm your network or end-points, preventing your end-users from accessing your services.

Brunei is the third-highest global DDoS attacks source


According to a leading cloud-based provider's DDoS attack metrics report, 3.21% of all traffic sourced from Brunei came from DDoS attack.

These observations indicate increased botnet activity in Brunei.

Local companies with unsecured Direct Internet Access (DIA) service is facing an increased risk of DDoS attack.

DDoS Defence Service


Our DDoS Defence Service protects a specific static IP address 24/7 on your Direct Internet Access (DIA) service against attack. The system continuously learns the network traffic patterns on your Direct Internet Access (DIA) to build a baseline (normal traffic patterns and behaviours) and will use this baseline to detect potential attacks.

When an attack is detected, the system sends an automated email notification to you or your assigned representative. Our service will perform automated mitigation against the attack.

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Key Highlights of our Service

Simple Solution

Our service can be enabled on your Direct Internet Access (DIA) service.

It does not require any changes to your existing infrastructure and its configurations.

Self Learning

Our DDoS Defence Service analyses and updates your traffic flow patterns continuously.

This establishes a normalise service behaviour to detect traffic anomalies.

Fully Automated Service

Our service is fully automated and monitors traffic 24/7 on your Direct Internet Access (DIA) service.

We detect suspicious traffic and take mitigation actions.

DDoS Defence Service Features

Our DDoS Defence Service provides a clean pipe to your Direct Internet Access (DIA), keeping your service alive and running by scrubbing burst of attack traffic. Here are some features that make it so effective.


We monitor and detect suspicious traffic on your Direct Internet Access (DIA) circuit 24/7.

Traffic Baseline

The system continuously learns your service's traffic patterns and volume to identify abnormalities.

Attack Protection

We detect and mitigate against 26 types of volumetric and protocol attacks.

Simple Setup

Our service does not require any changes to your existing infrastructure and its configurations.

DDoS Defence Portal

You can log in to our DDoS Defence Portal to access information related to current and past attacks.

Email Notification

We will notify you with an automated email when an attack is detected.

Authorised Representative

You can assign a maximum of two persons as their designated representatives to the service.

Extra Protection

DDoS Defence provides additional protection to customers with exiting Cloud-Based Anti-DDoS Solution.


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