CSB and UNN Renew Collaboration on Cybersecurity Awareness

CSB and UNN Renew Collaboration on Cybersecurity Awareness

01 June 2024 - Cyber Security Brunei (CSB) and Unified National Networks (UNN) today renewed their collaboration to raise security awareness amongst citizens and businesses in Brunei Darussalam. This will be the second year of partnership for the two organizations, signifying their strong commitment to educate the populace on the importance of cybersecurity and the impact of attacks in an ever-evolving cyber landscape.


CSB’s Interim Commissioner, Shamsul Bahri Haji Kamis said, “Since UNN is providing critical services to the government, citizens and country in general, it is paramount that CSB is working with them to ensure that the security interests of all parties are protected as required by Cyber Security Order 2023 and awareness and outreach are one of the main pillars of the said order.”


The initiatives rolled out through this collaboration saw the use of social media platforms and public events to raise awareness about cyber threats and what the best practices are for secure online behaviour. Providing the public and businesses with the knowledge to identify potential cyber threats can significantly reduce the likelihood of them falling victim to an attack.


“Cybercriminals frequently target unsuspecting individuals through tactics like phishing emails or social engineering techniques. This collaborative effort with CSB to share such knowledge through the use of our social media platforms is one way of reaching out to the public to recognize these tactics and to respond appropriately,” said UNN Acting Chief Executive Officer Chris Phan.


It is essential to provide cybersecurity awareness to educate the public and businesses on the importance of having security protocols in place, to respond quickly and contain threats, and give them the confidence to navigate the digital landscape safely both at work and in their personal lives. By working together to uplift the nation’s awareness and maturity, CSB and UNN envision cybersecurity becoming part of the standard practices as the nation embraces digitalization.